Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Women4Africa award 2012 is around the corner!

Women4Africa award honouring and celebrating African women  for their outstanding contributions to the growth and well being of the society.

The inaugural ceremony will  take place on the 19th of May 2012 at the great Hall, Hornton street Kensington London.

This day will see a number of deserving women recognised for their extra ordinary  efforts to making the world and the society better. Categories include but not only Mother/grand mother of the year, to international African woman of the year.

Among those selected for this award is Susan Mashibe of Tanzania. (The first woman in Tanzania with both FAA certified commercial pilot and aircraft maintenance engineer qualifications).

The guests also will include ; Nigeria very own Stella Damasus, Richard Taylor OBE, Mrs Betty Djokoto, Isha Johansen (the founder Johansen Premier FA Football club, Sierra Leone).

Tickets are available now on the official website:,

Friday, 20 April 2012

5 most important things you must tell your daughter before she is 12!

1.Hopelessness never creates a future:

 My daughter never feel hopeless in any situation, rather use every opportunity to create a successful ground. Self pity will never lead you any where. Be optimistic and focus on who you want to be and get on with it. What you don't have should never determine where you get.

2.Never fight your critics:

It is never a good idea to fight those who criticise you. Rather look in to what they have said , they might have a point, learn from them and get better.

3.Never say I can't until you have tried:

 Practise they say makes perfect. This is very true and will remain so. Most successful people i know started from when they didn't really know it. But the learnt while doing it. The difference between the good, the better and the best is that extra effort. Keep trying as long as you still have life. Don't give up, don't give in and don't let go.

4.There is always a better way out:

 It is not important to say I did the right thing. What's more important is that you are still doing the right thing. Whatever you have done today will always have a better way to do it tomorrow, because the worl is always on the move. Therefore, seek always for wisdom, learn a new skill at any give opportunity. Ask questions, listen and try what you learnt.

5.There is never a free launch:

 Don't ever believe you can get a free launch. Every package comes with it a price tag, if not favour, then cash. So don't take any gift if you are not sure or ready for the price tag.

These are  life important words every girl should know before she gets into the world. Share this  with those you truly love and care about.!


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

All of Yoanna Okwesa (aka; Pepper): A journey through fashion and the runway.

Pepper makes magic with Kesh. (Pineapple).
"London girl with Lagos pumping in her veins and Cuba in her heart" is how this fashion guru Pepper would describe herself.

Pepper's deep passion for creating visual phenomena that can only be concieved in the mind gives her the power to achieve extra-odinary results in her styling.(She ain't a dreamer, proud of her).

Through the art of story telling, using photography and garments, she contributes her "two penny and naira" to the global world of outstanding, adorable fashion, art and style.

At the tender age of  15, Pepper started styling and organising school and church fashion shows without having idea of what fashion meant.( I can imagine sweet innocent girl).  All  her mind then was to use her imagination at every given opportunity to create something that leaves every one on the wow. Pepper like any other little girl with her own mind, definitely broke some rules, spent her pocket money on chocolates, clothes, and of course glossy magazines. Any thing that intrigues her.( You know what? and she still does).

Pepper went on to become a freelance stylist with BA Hons degree in Culture, Society and Communications from the University of Birmingham. She is currently undertaking an MA in strategic Fashion Marketing and Management at the London College of Fashion.

Pepper has since been exposed to the world and work of Fashion. Working as Creative Director for various runway shows, fashion editorials and commercial projects. She has also begun working as a Fashion brand and Marketing consultant.

In the last two years, Pepper worked as the Fashion Editor of Fab Magazine. She holds various roles at Pride magazine,The mayor of London's Kulture 2 Couture Fashion exhibitions, Maria Grachvogal and at  London Fashion weeks.


Pepper's Creations



Pepper has worked along side award winning Fashion photographers Suby & Sinem and other sought after photographers like Kelechi Amadi- Obi, Moussa Moussa, Asiko and Jide Alakija. She also has Styled for Arise, Fab, BHF, Canoe, Pride, New African Woman, and True Love Magazines.

My pearl sister has also been styling celebrities on and off the shores; Shingai from the Noisettes, M3nsa and Wanlov The Kubolor,Wiz Kid, Bez Idakula, Eldee, Eku Edewor, Flavour, Yvonne Vixen Ekwere, Keffe, Shiikane and Duncan Daniels to name a few.

She has also been the creative director for a variety of Designers such as Nkwo, Re-Bahia and Zebra Living.

Pepper in her spare time attends to her pet clothing label project - Purple pepper clothing label( though she does not take herself to be a designer) borne from her love of art ,her heritage and photography. Otherwise she helps her sisters collect vintage and retro accessories and clothing for their Boutique - retrospective in Lagos.

We follow Pepper @purplepepperlov.


Sunday, 15 April 2012

Africa fashion week London 2012: Get your tickets NOW!

Africa fashion week is here again, august 3rd and 4th at spitalfield market hall London. The two day event is set to be bigger and better with 50 designers showcasing,including fabulous designs from MMD designs, Monis fashion house, Bebergrafiti, Afro fashion, to name but a few,100 models  and  over 10,000 guests expected, it is going to be huge.

 Expected to be the largest scale event to showcase UK and non- UK based seasoned and emerging fashion designers inspired by Africa, the only event dedicated  its efforts to promoting and supporting inspiring talents from Africa.

FaunteeWrites  will be there LIVE!.Join us at this years AFWL to fly the flag for MY BLACK WOMAN. This may be an opportunity to get up and close with My black woman crew, are you ready to go with us. What do you think? Email us : , or simply join our blog for more info and chance to get our free gifts at the AFRICA FASHION WEEK LONDON!

African fashion has come to stay and this time it is going to be sensational. Trust me! Tickets are up for grabs on the AFWL official website.  Basic (free) access to the show and exhibition. Standard fee at £7 .00 with access to the show and exhibition, including a 10% discount on all purchases made on the day, plus AFWL magazine;recommended for shoppers and lovers of great fashion. For some VIP touch, £50 only to have access to VIP lounge, welcome drinks plus free AFLW magazine and of course 10% discount on all purchases made .

 Get excited and inspired by the beauty of the African heritage. We are proudly a part of it. Don't be left out!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

5 things you should never do on your date.

Talk about your Ex: Never leave traces of your ex, either by way of talking about him, his favourite food, his picture etc. Nothing should suggest you are still interested in him. Every man is egocentric and wants to be the centre of attention(atleast) from you . Why not make him feel like the prince even for this moment.

Engage with your smart phone: tweeting and replying to text and facebook updates at this time is a very bad idea. This is rude and distracting not when you are out to seduce.

Shabby and unkempt out fit: its safer to go subtle, soft , gentle and comfortably dressed. Stay moderate in everything. Perfume not heady and strong smelling. Hair, nails, all groomed. Bad idea to have much fake things going on.(lashes, nails, etc) keep them toned down.

Argue or dominate the opinions: Its always better to listen than to argue especially at this situation. It is not the time to make your point. Better still listening will help you get to know more about him which will help you make up your mind on the way forwards. Learn to stay calm when you are put off. Never react aggressively or violently, rather if things are getting awfully against your taste, find a subtle way to excuse yourself  before it gets too late.

Appear or conduct yourself in a cheap manner: Now seriously, getting drunk, nagging, sighing, picking on people are not at all CHIC. Be in control of yourself and be on your game. Keep him at the tip of his seat wanting more and more of you. When you are sure your game is working its the best time to go. By doing so, you leave a taste on his pallet that he will come looking for more.

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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Jazz up your relationship with seduction and not Portion!

Picture by Vlado
Hello! my pearl woman, are we still talking of women empowerment? Come on! You got the power use it! Seduce the power out of your man ...

Seduction in it's fairness is an act and not a sin for crying out loud. Every relationship needs romance (constantly) to survive.  One secret, men want their woman to give it to them(don't let them know you've found out yet).

There's already much stress out there. No body wants to come back to a war front. aaaarrrrh! Put some life to your love Woman! You are the salt of the earth including your love and man. Spice things up with some winking , lash flicking, and tactile moves.  Not what you said, not what you did, not what you are wearing but how you did it. Bring out the man in your man. Now wait, am not talking of sex yet. No we are still on getting him to want more and more.

Seduction is about confidence, self value, adding style and elegance to every touch, every word, every move.Seduction(not sex) gives you the woman, the power to thread where the most powerful dare to go. Seduction is sublime and gets the higher pay than jump in sex trust me.

A good seductress is at work at all times. Think of it, you never know when the target will be watching (bad girl) She launches her war at every opportunity no need to wait. Keep him restless and begging to go home. After all he's your man (oh well new catch who knows) The important thing is that you got him wanting you more and more. So girl, it's a good idea to always have your arsenal ready and positioned.
More on seduction

Stress and Emotional Issues:Anger,fear and irritability

During stress, there's usually a major deterioration in the emotional stability of the individual, which in turn adds more pressure to the already pressured well being.

Anger and fear usually are the major emotional breakdown that ensues. The others are directly or closely related to both -  anger and fear.

Anger: Usually comes with disappointments due to failed expectations, and these expectations are surprisingly based on pleasing others rather than self.

Overcoming anger due to expectation: Prepare for the worst while hoping for the best. In this way, you are largely equipped to withstand any turn down.
Congratulate yourself for the efforts that you have made rather than focusing only on result. Come on, you deserve a break afterall.

Fear: Usually of the unknown, comes with it anxiety and could result to withdrawal syndrome,failure and depression. Fear is a very dangerous thing, it can send the mind packing. Every effort should be made to avoid or better still confront that causing the fear.

Coping with fear due to stress: First come to terms with it that you are afraid of. is it fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of what? Whatever it is is it worth more than you sanity and life? What is the worst thing that could happen if what you feared happened. Loss your job, home, relationship or what? Now when you have answered these, why not instead of worrying about that, you channel your energy to preparing your plan B. As hard as it may seem, there is always an option in every situation. Explore your options and take to it. It is even riskier not attempting.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Imani Models glam the South Africa's fashion week with their Afro hair

Imani models look cool, glam, sophisticated, beautiful and sexy in their Afro looks!

To find out about modelling for Imani models:

Afro hair styles making statement at the South Africa Fashion week.

African heritage has come to stay. Join in or be left out. who said the only thing Africa has to offer is poverty? Come on! Embrace the beauty and nature in the unique African style. These models look stunning  and stylish in their Afro glam hair do.!

South African Fashion week, Liz Ogumbo dazzles the fashion world with her collections.

Liz Ogumbo at the middle.
Liz ogumbo at this SAFW,dazzles her audience with the brilliance in her designs. A fresh breath of air in the world of fashion.

Liz integrates the bling factor using sequin to accentuate the African soul in her fabrics carefully chosen to bring class to any one who is importuned to have access to these beautiful collections.

She incorporates her ideology of simplicity, power, shine and elegance. Simply allowing women shine through , oozing with confidence and esteem yet sexy and appealing to the eye of the beholder.

The luxurious Afro-sequin combinations uniquely lavishes style and charm on any woman . They are inspiring and enchanting. Simply put, Liz is set to flatter every woman, every shape, and size.

 All she ask is that you keep your head high, shine and be confident in her Ken-soul inspired collections.!

Her beautiful collection of bags are iconic, Afro-centric and ready to stand the taste of time for the conservative type. It oozes style and elegance that keeps you upstaged at every occasions. 

To order or view more of Liz's collection visit:,  or Email Remember to mention Faunteewrites, my black woman, or mypearlwoman blogspot.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Stress and the appetite issues.

Usually during stress , there may be fluctuations in appetite. It could either be increased or decreased. Either way, this fluctuation creates an unhealthy pattern for the individual.

Loss/Reduced Appetite: When an appetite is reduced, the individual would normally begin to lose weight.

What to do:
1. Eat small amounts of your favourite foods at a time, and do that more often.
2. Consider eating more fruits and vegetables.
3. Drink enough fluids especially water; to keep the tissues well hydrated.
4. Reward yourself each time you are able to finish any amount you have taken.
5. Learn to relax and avoid any unhelpful thoughts and situations that could affect your appetite.
6. If weight loss continues and appetite has not improved, it will be necessary to seek for medical help.

Excessive/increased appetite: Some people tend to comfort eat during stress. This could result to excessive weight gains and could be dangerous to life and health of the individual.

What to do:
 1. It will be a good idea to take as always enough fruits vegetables and fluid.
 2. Replace the in between snacking and cravings with those.
 3. Eat very little portions of meal at a given time.
 4. Think towards increasing your outdoor activities.
 5. Avoid late night eating.
 6. Set a meal time table and be sure to adhere to such.
 7. Think of more helpful ways to unwind.
 8. Seek help and socialise more.

Other signs of stress

Disclaimer: The author in no way suggest that you take this as a replacement for medical treatment. And will not be responsible for your decisions. Always seek for medical help when in doubt.

The early signs you may be going through stress

Picture credit to Renjith Krishnan

If you are having one or more of these signs, there may be a warning sign that you maybe under stress. It is the time to act.  It is time to do some thing. Seek help and get your acts together.

1. Head aches                       2. Irritability                                      3. Mood swings
4. Lack of sleep.                   5. Appetite issues                              6. Sexual issues.
7. Anger                               8. Lack of concentration                    9. Tiredness
10.Restlessness.                 11.Tension and worrying                     12.   Obssession.etc.

Other signs may include, sighing, weight loss or gain relating to appetite, feeling sick . There may be excessive sweating and feeling of pin prick on palms and legs. Crawling feeling on the body, hyperactivity; talkativeness. Workaholic, aggression , withdrawal syndrome, tearfulness, Irrational thinking and behaviour. Self neglect.