Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Recharge your sex life with the healing power of African Shea butter.

Child birth, stress and challenges of life and work can be a factor in determining a woman's level of libido. Though some may react to stress by having an increased sexual drive however, the majority always end up with dangerously low libido. When this happens, there is a risk of having to strain your sexual relationship with your husband or partner and at the long run ruins the entire family live you have put everything in line to build. More still, you see your husband having it with other girls or women out there. This agreed could be a very pathetic situation for a woman.

How to dictate when your libido is dwindling:
Signs of lowering libido can vary from one individual to another. However there are some similar signs that can never be ignored.
1. Reduced or complete loss of sexual urge for more than 2 weeks.
2. You are becoming more and more difficult to be aroused even when he tries .
3. Dryness of the *** even when you feel you want it.
4. Bruises and pain after sex. this may be due to lack of proper lubrication from your secretions.
5. Total disinterest in your man and or fear of having sex with a man you truly love.
We can go on and on. If you happen to have any of these signs, especially not lubricating well even when you have the urge then African Shea butter may be what you need most.

How to use?
When you are sure there isn't another underlying health condition and it is just that you are not lubricating well and as such losing interest  and you are sure you still are in love with your guy then...

1. Run a warm bath every night and clean yourself very well.
2. After, rub in African Shea butter in all the right places.
3. Get your man (or anyone you trust) to massage your back muscles with the African Shea butter.
4. Use the African Shea butter to massage your man's religiously every night for at least 4 to 5 days.
5. When you have started seeing some improvement, and you want to have a go, then before having it with him, make sure you apply a reasonable amount on him and also massage your inner self too.
Then gently slide into each other and take it slowly for the first time and repeat this each time you are in the mood.

How it works?
African Shea butter is not just a lubricant or an oil based pomade. It is a naturally occurring substance that works with your body to release a natural lubrication. It also works by relaxing tensed muscles and calming the body. When the body is relaxed, it is in a better shape to release substances that generate secretions necessary to lubricate all your organs including your inner woman. Applying African Shea butter on the man helps to keep the area moist and smooth for easy penetration.

So now get your hans on African Shea butter and get your love life back!

Monday, 10 December 2012

Ladies get in the party mood without breaking the bank.

It is that time of the year we have to sit back, relax and enjoy the fruit of your year long hard work. With My Black Woman's party get ready ideas you can get your acts together and the let the party begin. You can never get it wrong with these party essentials from

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

President Obama Re-elected thanks to The First Lady: Michelle Obama.

It was a long hard fought race. One of the most stiff of campaigns in American political history. The most important election for families, the youth, women and all people who believe in the ideal that whatever you set your mind on to achieve and work towards, you will achieve. Victory for those who believe that it is not colour, connection , where you come from or in his words, "what you look like" that matters but the "content of your character". Congratulations to you all, to us and to America for making the right choice. For the First Lady, for all women and most importantly women of America.

There were times that it seemed that all hope was lost, the race became so stiff, too close to call, slipping away but you Michelle Obama, women of America stood unshaken. You continued to fight , you remained faithful and today we can see the result of your hard long fought battle. We can see the sound of your voice heard- Victory . Women stood behind him and we have been able to make the decision. 55% is not a joke.

Imagine a world without the influence of the woman. Imagine a nation without women speaking and making their voices heard. Imagine today without the First Lady or women of America. The result would have been a different story. This is just a tip of the iceberg what can happen if all women can make a decision to make a change in their own simple way, in their homes, in their niche, in every little way they can. Then there will never be anything like women marginalisation again in the dictionary.

Truly, we have to congratulate and celebrate this woman, The First Lady- Michelle Obama. (as a matter of fact a woman I adore so much and try to emulate). For her believe, for her trust, for her hard work, for her steadfastness. Twenty years ago she saw the truth, the light and believed in it. She did not just sit down waiting for the light to come, but she made it come. She worked tirelessly, she sacrificed, she continued to believe through the hills and the valley, through the rough and the slippery. She is today the victory that we have seen. This is a lesson for every woman to learn. You have the power to take your family to the direction you believe is right. As women, if we believe, we can make our voices heard and take the world to the right direction that we believe will benefit our children's futures. Today, it is no longer cool to appear as powerless in our ideal. Now get up on your feet, make the move and make the change just as Michelle Obama and women of America have done.

Congratulations my lady! Love from My Black Woman!!!.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

BEFFTA AWARDS 2012: All You need to know!!!

Beffta awards simply is the prestigious all black entertainment, film, fashion, television and arts award. The aim is to inspire, celebrate and recognise both the known and unknown Black achievers. The event is created by Pauline Long and is owned by East End Studios Limited.




BEFFTA AWARDS GUESTS: All guests are by invite only.
Date: 27th October 2012 , Black History Month
VENUE: The Hippodrome, North End Road, Golders Green, London. N11 7RP
DOORS OPEN: 4.00 pm
MAIN AWARDS SHOW: 7.00pm – 10.30pm
VIP Drinks: 10.30pm – 11.30pm


Strictly Black Tie/Full glamour
Men: Black Tuxedos or Black Suits
Women: Evening gowns

Beffta 2012 News is brought to you in association with C. Hub magazine. The first and only Black creative and talent magazine

Think real talents think C. Hub



NEWS FLASH!!!, Princess Deun Ade Doyin -Solarin wins the Beffta media Icon Award 2012.

Princess 'Deun created the  popular TV show Princess of Arize on BEN TV SKY channel 182 following her popular celebrity host for the Nigerian leading talk show Morning Ride on NTA2 Channel 5. Princess of Arize show is the leading ethnic  media programme that continues to break new grounds. The TV show celebrates and features businesses, individuals and special events within the African and Caribbean community in Diaspora and beyond.
The Nigerian born journalist, motivational speaker and media consultant started her career as a broadcaster on NBC TV in 1975 over 35years ago, and has long embraced success in the media industry.She has long been known as a veteran, and multi award winning broadcaster of all time in the African/Nigerian community.
On the 27th october 2012, Princes Deun will walk the redcarpet with stars of Black entertainment to recieve her award.


Stay tuned for more on Beffta 2012!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Read C. Hub magazine Issue 1

Perhaps you've seen the cover, heard about and now you have the chance to read it for free specially given to you by your C. HUB. And remember to follow on twitter @c_hubmagazine for more updates from the first and only creative magazine with you in mind.
To read the online version of your favourite magazine click on the open link below.


Thursday, 18 October 2012

Black History Month Special with iROCK! UK: DO BLACK GIRLS HAVE IT HARDER?

DATE: 27/10/2012
VENUE: The lift Islington Youth hub.

In celebrating Black History month 2012, iROCK!UK have organised a workshop for the Black girl/woman. "This event is dedicated to motivate, elevate, honour and celebrate the 'everyday Black woman'".
Despite the great accompliments by Black women in the UK, there are still that lingering doubts and issues of identity, self-worth, and the doubt on whether one deserves success.
In dealing with these issues, iROCK!UK has carefully chosen the following topics to be discussed on the workshop:
banner                 a). Are we our own enemy?
                 b). My self esteem.
                 c). My identity
                 d). My weight.
                 e). My skin.
"These issues may seem like petty to some but, they affect deeply many Black women, especially the younger ones like myself. We talk about these amongst ourselves and watch shows where Black Americans discuss these topics but never have the courage to challenge the society or ourselves here", says Haja Bally 28, who is also an iROCK! UK mentee.

banner Other topics to be covered will also include, personal finance, career, and business opportunities. As always also, young people will have the opportunity to network with professionals from various fields in business.

iROCK! UK is a social enterprise providing the platform to challenge many issues that seem quite taboo among Black women in the UK.  iROCK! UK, creates the safe environment to openly debate these issues. Their programmes not only provide youpeople with mentoring support, but also help in securing them work placement and employment opportunities.

From now iROCK! will be hosting monthly workshops for the next consecutive 6 months. For more information on this event or any of the up coming event click herebanner

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Nollywood movie brings the Amina world premiere in London Leicester square today and its all good news for Africa Fashion week London.

Africa Fashion week london designers Benjamin Kitoko dresses the stars of Amina for the red carpet:

 The organisers of Africa Fashion Week London 2012 are delighted to announce their partnership with the organisers of the Amina premiere which will see AFWL 2012 designers dress a number of the actors for the red carpet of the world premiere of the Nollywood movie scheduled for today 17 October 2012 at London’s Leicester Square.

While Benjamin Kitoko who will be showcasing at AFWL 2013 will be dressing the co-producer lead actor Wil Johnson and the producer/director Christian Ashaiku, Connie Shalifa of Clisha Couture, who showcased on the second day of AFWL 2012 will be providing bespoke garments for the red carpet host Anneka Honor and a number of female members of the cast including Alison Caroll and Nicole da Silva Semedo.
Both Benjamin Kitoko and Connie Shalifa were interviewed for the promotional video for the premiere which is one of the most highly anticipated London premieres of a Nollywood production this year.

Amina world premiere is  organised by AOC Communications and Screen Nation Media and will be taking place today, 17 October 2012 at Empire Leicester Square with red carpet from 7.45pm featuring a host of celebrities from Nigeria’s Omotola Jalede-Ekeinde to Ghana’s Van Vicker, screening at 8.45pm followed by an after-party.
468x60 - Beautiful Blooms for all occasionsbanner

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Witch Kentu had a Horrible day by Faustina Anyanwu.

A story of a horrible witch called Witch Kentu, who lives up on the top of a jungle mountain. Every day, she scares the children away from the park, and she always has fun seeing the children cry and run away from the park. At every stage of the way, she gets into a mishap that will only take her aback. The first from the author Faustina Anyanwu, this story is poetically packed with humor and is sure to be a children’s favorite of all time.
Book Details

Saturday, 6 October 2012

How Anita Quansah has changed the face of African Fashion.

Anita Quansah in the middle with models
showcasing her collections
Picture by: Subysinem
She is arguably the best and most authentic jewellery curator in the world of African origin. Anita Quansah has long been creating timeless, bespoke jewelleries that I can only refer to as Sophistication.
We have seen it all but what Anita has done this time on the Irock Uk's Tribes of African fashion show is simply BREATHTAKINGLY AMAZING!.
Anita mixes parts of vintage jewelleries and semi precious stones, rare African beads and textiles to create magical dramatic pieces that are  global phenomenon. No wonder her creations have long been embraced by A list celebrity women.

Watch this!!!
                                                        Picture credits to SUBYSINEM.


Friday, 28 September 2012

Project walk way Ghana; the woman behind the hit TV show: Bertha Owusu.

banner Project walk way Ghana is a Tv competition event that was successfully launched in 2011 and ever since have made a huge impact on Ghana's TV experience.The show is designed to have fashion designers and models compete with each other. At every stage, they are given tasks, on which they are judged. At the grand finale, the winner from both sides will be awarded a huge life changing contract to help them get on with their career professionally.  My black woman is delighted to have a chat with the woman who has worked so hard to put the show together.
Have you always been in the TV and fashion Industry:
No. I grew up in the Tema suburb of the greater Accra region. I had my primary and secondary education there. Then went on to study political Science and Psychology at the University of Ghana.

How did you get into organising modelling and fashion event:
After my University, I decided to go into modelling. I registered with Phase 1, a modelling agency in Ghana. I was lucky, to have had the opportunity to catwalk for a number of companies including Ghana Textile print, Akosombo textile limited, Dark and Lovely. I also worked with several big names in Ghanaian fashion industry including; Mawuli, Kofi, Okudjato, Kofi Ansah, Nora Banamann, Karim, Safo, and Ivana-elle couture. I participated also in the regional Miss Ghana in 2000 and emerged the winner. Then, I went on to compete in the national level and came out as a finalist.

What inspired you to take the plunge?
When I got married and moved to the UK, I didn't want my carrer to just go with the wind. I started on several beauty courses with ICS. I was also so much into attending Ghana fashion events and several other fashion shows. It was then that I discovered the niche in the Ghana fashion industry for Project walk way. Initially, I was going to have it in London, but on the second thought, I decided it was be more benefiting to take it to Ghana.
How optimistic are you with the finale:
I am very optimistic. Given the huge success with the launch in 2011, it is promising to be a success too.

How do you want this show to influence Ghana's fashion industry?
I am constantly following numerous blogs and fashion websites, comparing different world fashion and style trends. So that in this project, I aim to ensure that Ghana has the platform to compare alongside the global trend through project walk way.

The event is in December, how are you preparing for it from UK?
I have been back to Ghana for some time getting the whole thing together. I am here for a while and I will zoom off again to make the finishing touches.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

New Mums back to shape guide.

Getting back to shape after birth is every woman's nightmare. But it does not have to be so. It takes a woman a whole 9 good months to stay pregnant and give birth. What then makes you think the birth body will disappear in a click of finger.
My job here is to help you stay realistic and gradually get your body back. Don't be deceived by the celebrity quick fix after birth pictures you are always bombarded with. For me it is all about staying healthy, eating well and exercising gently until your ligaments and muscle tones are firm again.
The first step to getting back to shape is to stay off the pressure to being as before. This is because, once the pressure sets in, chances are that you might end up with stress and over eating and depression which in turn will only make matters worse. That said, we will now take to the most important guide to help you stay as firm and toned as possible after the bump.

1.Healthy eating:

The first and most important thing is that your healthy thin or fat. It is important that you do not starve yourself for the sake of shape. Proper meal times should be adhered to. At least breakfast, lunch, dinner must be observed. For a breast feeding mother or those that had Cesarean section, more top ups may be considered.
In eating healthy, you have to go for more green vegetable, these will help with digestion and absorption. Also are essential for building your blood cells and level. The fibres help in elimination processes as well. They keep your heart healthy too, and cancer is shunned.
The blue/ black hue fruits are also very essential for building the immunity levels. With them you are armed for the battle of ownership especially for those that had Cesarean section. Also the will help with strengthening your bones and ligaments, also keeping your skin fresh and smooth.
The yellows are also superb for strengthening the heart muscles, lowering hypertension and is hard on cancer cells as well.
The red fruits and vegetables are very important sources of  vitamins and minerals that keep cholesterol levels down.
Yes traditionally, Black peoples food are usually more of starchy foods, it is important to still take your normal foods, but adding or increasing your consumption of vegetables and fruits will not only help with your muscle tone, but will help to get you a better shape and greater health.


Exercises are very crucial but doing it right is the most crucial at this point. See below for the don't with the exercises.
Before 6months of off loading, you should never subject your body to the following,
a. Jumping
b. Running or jogging
c. Sit ups
e. Stretching.
f. Boxing or strenuous exercises.
Before you can do these, you must get the clearance from your health care provider. (Nurse, Midwife or Doctor).
At this time, the main focus should be to stay active, take and enjoyable walk or strolls, take your child in the pram and get a good air outside. A good rest and sleep,plus pelvic floor exercises are important .
The signal your body gives you should be more accurate than any other. So watch and listen to your body. Simple exercises are the most you can do for now to keep the blood flow going. Every woman's major concern is the tummy sagging, but the bad news is there is no fast rule to it. Easy does it. ( Watch out for our postnatal exercise guide next)

Postnatal exercises before 6 months:
3.Pelvic floor exercises
4. Bottoms up
5. Abdominal guarding
6.Tummy tucks.

Take enough fluid:

Fluid in take is very important to stay healthy and plump and it is a MUST at this time especially for the breast feeding mother. Drink, drink and drink any fluids, water, juice etc (not alcohol).

Wear for comfort.

Looking good is good. But now your comfort is more important. Firm sports bra during activities will help reduce, stretch marks and discomfort. Use of breast pads helps to check the leaks. Tights, help to prevent and minimise varicose veins, and  gives a good support to the muscles. The also will help you create the illusion of a toned body and so you appear shapely.
Do it safe.

Check back for the postnatal exercises that work for you next....

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Introducing C. Hub magazine.

C. Hub magazine is a Faunteewrites Limited publication. It is a creative magazine that focuses on promoting, celebrating and inspiring creativity. It is not just another black style magazine. C. Hub listens to and understands the unique stories that are told through creativity. It tells of the challenges, the pains, the fears, the joys and all thae stories behind and within a creative mind.
C. Hub magazine is published in the UK and is expected to circulated globally. The first issue captioned "Africa through a fashion lens" is set to hit the shelves of every good news stand, hotel, and hospitable environ.

Faustina Anyanwu, the editor of the magazine says,
"Now it takes 3 to achieve greatness. The one who does the art, the one who writes about the art, and the one who buys it, reads it, keeps it and celebrated the act. The result greatness".
If everyone of us does his part in this chain, then we will see a generation of Black great achievers. Support our creative entities, by reading about them on C. Hub magazine and celebrate their resilience and success despite all odds.

"Keep Doing till you achieve".