Monday, 29 April 2013

Samona Naomi Williams is bound for the skies not the Wheelchair.

When Samona was struck by a rare illness that kept her bound to wheelchair and bed, it seemed like the world had came crashing on her. However, she was determined to be who she is created to be. Discovering the strength in her, her power, her rare gift of strength, she found her way around to cheat this life destroying illness. It is said this rare condition is incurable, can only be managed with combination of cocktail of medications. With such condition so threatening, humiliating and above all disarming, with unpredictable situations that comes like a wave of storm. Samona struggles to live and cope with daily normal life challenges like bathing etc. She was bound to be a burden and no longer the beautiful young rising film director who was a real asset.
Holding on to that special thing within, Samona collaborates with her photographer friend to create stunning images that are never been seen before. These images have not only been a source of strength and security for Samona but has become a source of inspiration, motivation and hope for many. It has become a campaign creating awareness on this illness.

How does Samona feel about her condition and where does she find strength to keep going ?
"Realising I wasn't going to recover easily, or quickly or worst still ever, I didn't know what to do. I had nightmares and I thought I could end it - MY LIFE!
There wasn't anyway I would live a life of being a burden to anyone. I felt worthless.
But then somehow, my strength soared thinking of diamonds, golds and all the beautiful and valuable things of life all went through immense pressure to become what they are. Then I began to see my illness from a different perspective, I began to see my value, my worth. I slowly began to see my illness as less torment more of growing into something greater than I have been. Today I could still contribute to my family and society by merely allowing myself to be me."

In trying to cope with this rare condition, Samona and her friend created an art project with their stunning images to tell the story of a woman BOUND to for the wheelchair but finds a way to cheat an illness that is not just debilitating my has no place in the life of anyone.

"This project BOUND meant I didn't have to be afraid any more. It gave me purpose, it soothed my pain and calmed my dark thoughts. It gave me my life back".

Samona's images will be exhibited at the Images of Black Women films festival kicking off May 4th and runs everyday till 11th of May.

*This will be another chance to get an exclusive sneak preview of what to expect from the main event as we will be planning a full "Bound" exhibition with all the images later in the year.

Main Bound Art Exhibition September 2013  - Will keep you updated on the launch party,

"Bound" is a collection of photographs depicting my journey through illness, and is a raw, unrestricted look at the moods and feelings I have experienced since being diagnosed. The photographer is Anthony David King*.
Samona's full story features on C.Hub magazine issue 3 out now. 

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Get back to shape after the bump the easy way.

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Getting back to shape and staying fit is one of the many problems that women face after birth. The thought of losing that super figure can be depressing for some.
 It's not all that bad news, there is always a way out in everything and this is not an exception.
We shall be discussing the simple ways you can help yourself back to shape in this text. Oh yes, you can without breaking the bank, still within your own schedule in the comfort of your own home. Well let's see.

Before we go on there are some don'ts you must put to your head first.

Don't starve to get back to shape, you could be harming your baby if you are breast feeding. If not breast feeding, you still need nutients to stay nourished.
Don't aim to lose more than 1 stone in a week. Easy does it.
Don't start strainous execises without hearing from your health care provider.

The Simple Dos to keep you fit.
1. Exercise: Regular exercise is a must do routine for you and your baby. The first 6weeks are the most trying time. But simple exercise are essential to keep the blood flow and circulation at it's best.
Simple exercises include:
a). Swinging your legs back and front while sitting at the edge of the bed.
b). Cycling in the air: while lying on the bed, raise your two legs in the air and pretend to br cycling. Stop as soon as you feel any discomfort.
c) Strolling: endavour to have a gentle walk down the street to gulp as much fresh air as possible.
d) simple strtching of arms and legs.

As soon as your health care provider has given you the go ahead, you can increase the intensity and add more routine to your exercises.
Walking out/jogging: As much as possible, it's better to walkout outdoors, but if this is not possible, you can enjoy as much in your home. How? Start with  your favourite dance tune,pretend to run to the beat without moving out of the spot. Do this as long as you can contain.
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Bra on or Bra off, the bra war comes back thanks to scientists and their studies.

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A French Prof. have sparked another Bra war after almost 5 decades that we have seen the Bra war calm down. It was in the 60s that feminists ditched their bras in a fight for their right. But today, it is far from the political jangle. The scientist have given us even more reason to keep our headlight on the full beam.
In his study with 320 women  within the age of 18 and 35, Prof Jean- Denis have weighed in heavily supporting the need for women to go braless branding it a 'false need'. He went on to say that both medically, physiologically and otherwise, breast do not benefit from the supposed bra support.
Claiming also that after a year of not wearing bra,the nipples of the participating women between 18 and 35 rose by about 7mm bigger on the average.
However, other women in the opposing school of thought have branded the findings useless and needless. Accepting though that bra could sometimes be uncomfortable but not as uncomfortable and embarrassing  as it is without the bra. One female commentator have said, if the support is needless, why then do we hold it with our hands when on the run. She would rather gag her thing with a bra as firm as M&S new range of bras.
Since the division in opinion I would like to know which side of the war are you, is it bra on or bra off for you?