Wednesday, 7 November 2012

President Obama Re-elected thanks to The First Lady: Michelle Obama.

It was a long hard fought race. One of the most stiff of campaigns in American political history. The most important election for families, the youth, women and all people who believe in the ideal that whatever you set your mind on to achieve and work towards, you will achieve. Victory for those who believe that it is not colour, connection , where you come from or in his words, "what you look like" that matters but the "content of your character". Congratulations to you all, to us and to America for making the right choice. For the First Lady, for all women and most importantly women of America.

There were times that it seemed that all hope was lost, the race became so stiff, too close to call, slipping away but you Michelle Obama, women of America stood unshaken. You continued to fight , you remained faithful and today we can see the result of your hard long fought battle. We can see the sound of your voice heard- Victory . Women stood behind him and we have been able to make the decision. 55% is not a joke.

Imagine a world without the influence of the woman. Imagine a nation without women speaking and making their voices heard. Imagine today without the First Lady or women of America. The result would have been a different story. This is just a tip of the iceberg what can happen if all women can make a decision to make a change in their own simple way, in their homes, in their niche, in every little way they can. Then there will never be anything like women marginalisation again in the dictionary.

Truly, we have to congratulate and celebrate this woman, The First Lady- Michelle Obama. (as a matter of fact a woman I adore so much and try to emulate). For her believe, for her trust, for her hard work, for her steadfastness. Twenty years ago she saw the truth, the light and believed in it. She did not just sit down waiting for the light to come, but she made it come. She worked tirelessly, she sacrificed, she continued to believe through the hills and the valley, through the rough and the slippery. She is today the victory that we have seen. This is a lesson for every woman to learn. You have the power to take your family to the direction you believe is right. As women, if we believe, we can make our voices heard and take the world to the right direction that we believe will benefit our children's futures. Today, it is no longer cool to appear as powerless in our ideal. Now get up on your feet, make the move and make the change just as Michelle Obama and women of America have done.

Congratulations my lady! Love from My Black Woman!!!.