Saturday, 9 March 2013

Irock sister to sister mentoring networking event: the review.

An evening studded with elegant and enthusiastic women who are eager to lead and make the change that we all most need. Viola Ncube set up the Irock UK to help women and young people who have dreams and need help getting to their destination. She has over the years developed the Social enterprise thanks to so many other professional women who have willingly volunteered to become mentors to these young people who needed to be directed and supported. Viola about 16years ago came to this country and worked as a carer, receptionist and all, but then an angel came took her by the hand mentored her on to her way up and today Viola is a Vice President in a hospitality and tourism industry. She wants to do the same for someone else, she is offering you the opportunity also to change a person's life, help a life to find it's destination.
In today's event, Gabby the woman leader of Shine another social enterprise that train mentors to be better and relevant to their mentees elaborated on the importance and the know how of mentoring.  We were all treated to a special refreshment at the luxury venue at The Height Bar, St George's Hotel Langham place Regent Street London.
With a section of interaction and networking with opportunity for attendees to get into the spot light, we heard different stories of how much ordinary people have been helped to achieve extraordinarily during their time as a mentee. Others have also developed their skills even as a mentor.

Gabby in her words, says mentoring should be a way of life where everyone can be a mentor and a mentee. At every point in our lives we need some form of direction or the other and we also find ourselves in a position to direct someone else. It is crucial for us especially women to take this as our challenge to help other women come up in life.
Women Need mentoring more because...
 Women in work place are more likely

1.To be less positive and confident
2. Women sometimes are unaware of their own image.
3. Assume they will be rewarded by working well and hard
4. Undervalue own skills, abilities and achievements.
5. Do not seize or create career opportunities.
6. Do not blow their own trumpet s and so on and on.

There are many issues why we need mentoring to make a change. Mentoring will help you to clarify your objective and keep you focused on same which is the key to a good result in mentoring relationship.
Mentoring will help you to:
Build your confidence
Build your self esteem by providing honest feedback
Widen network by introducing you to their contacts.
Get independent perspective on work place issues.
Helps move you more outside of comfort zone
Analyse and develop your profile and much more.

Irock UK sister to sister mentoring doesn't end at the event it continues and it needs you the mentor and the mentee. To get involved go here.

President @Obama Reauthorizes the violence against Women Act, watch the video here

Straight from the White House.

Yesterday, President Obama signed a bill that both strengthened and reauthorized the Violence Against Women Act.
The new law will provide resources for thousands of victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking -- and better equip law enforcement officials to stop violence before it starts. After a great deal of effort and backing from folks like you, it passed with bipartisan support in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.
It builds on a law that Vice President Biden first wrote 18 years ago -- which has helped to decrease the rates of domestic violence across the country. It includes provisions aimed at reducing dating violence among teams and strengthening protections for lesbian gay, bisexual, and transgender victims. It also seeks to bring justice to Native American communities -- where rates of domestic violence are among the highest in the country.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Rihanna designs for River Island get the look now!

Riri showcasing at LFW
Rihanna's collaboration with River Island has sparked a debate whether or not this is another opportunity for her to show off her talent or is it another stunt for her to continue to be in the news. Whichever one, I have seen something unique about her cuts. They are so her. The collections are typical of what Riri stands for and wears and I wonder if you too get it.

Would you like to wear her piece?

Get inspired by my selection from River Island.

Grey Crop Top with Originami Top; £35.00

Black thigh high split Maxi Skirt

B/W bra cup top

W/B sandal shoe
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