Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Introducing C. Hub magazine.

C. Hub magazine is a Faunteewrites Limited publication. It is a creative magazine that focuses on promoting, celebrating and inspiring creativity. It is not just another black style magazine. C. Hub listens to and understands the unique stories that are told through creativity. It tells of the challenges, the pains, the fears, the joys and all thae stories behind and within a creative mind.
C. Hub magazine is published in the UK and is expected to circulated globally. The first issue captioned "Africa through a fashion lens" is set to hit the shelves of every good news stand, hotel, and hospitable environ.

Faustina Anyanwu, the editor of the magazine says,
"Now it takes 3 to achieve greatness. The one who does the art, the one who writes about the art, and the one who buys it, reads it, keeps it and celebrated the act. The result greatness".
If everyone of us does his part in this chain, then we will see a generation of Black great achievers. Support our creative entities, by reading about them on C. Hub magazine and celebrate their resilience and success despite all odds.

"Keep Doing till you achieve".

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Eldimaa Fashion label at Africa Fashion week London 2012.

Eldimaa's focus on the everyday woman makes her my standout designer of the day. Her collections are simple, unique, laid back, practical and stylish.
Her combination of the colours- teal, yellow, and cream blends very well to accentuate the natural skin colour of the wearer, black or white. She has also combined ankara with the lycra to bring comfort, yet giving the woman modesty and style for any situation. The yellow blazer is a must have.
Spot on!

Nigeria Entertainment and Lifestyle awards 2012 Announced.

The Nel awards, is an annual event that creates the opportunity to identify and reward excellence in Nigerian entertainment industry.  Debuted in 2011 and has now been known as the first and best of its kind in UK within the entertainment sector.
There are 8 categories to be recognised are: The best UK Nigeria:
                                             - Make-up Artist.
                                             -Media personality
                                             -Best fashion Designer.
                                             -Film in UK.
                                             -Entertainment and lifestyle Business.
Nominations opened from 1st of August and is now closed.  Tickets for the awards night is now on sale and can been bought from the NEL official website

Event details:

Date: Saturday the 22nd of September 2012
Time: 6.30 till 11pm
Venue: NH Harrington Hotel 5-25 Harrington Gardens, South Kensington, London SW7 4JW
Price: £40 per ticket and £50 at the door
Parking: free from 1pm , nearest tube station Gloucester Road

More Information will be available on and Twitter NELawards, also
For more information email or call +442071936733, 07944758428 or 07974435727

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Simple tips on how to Autumn proof your skin this season.

The sudden change in the temperature coupled with the allergens from the falling leaves can leave your skin on the edge. These simple tips will help you to understand and cope with the common autumn skin conditions.
This is the time of the year when people that suffer skin conditions like dry skin, or eczema notice the condition getting worse. The flare ups can be a night mare for the person and the entire family. The itching and discomfort can be irritating and annoying.  Experts, believe, the sudden change in the weather condition; the wind, the falling leaves and the colder temperature are all culprits to the worsening conditions. However, with careful understanding and following the simple steps, you will be able to help yourself gain some skin comfort and enjoy the natures fresh gift.

Lock in the moisture:

As much as we want to curl up with the heater warmth,it is necessary that we do not sap our skin of the moisture needed to stay pumped fresh. The heating has been noted to dry up the moisture in the rooms leaving your skin dry and longing for moisture.


1. Remember to keep your room well ventilated, let in some fresh air to exchange for the moisture sapped one indoors.

2. Avoid very hot baths and showers. Afterwards, pat dry your skin, and put on moisturisers. Topping up with heavier moisturisers will go a long way.

3. Add some emollient oil to your bath water and avoid staying for so long in the water.

4. Avoid close contact with the heater (radiators).

5. As much as possible avoid soaps  as the tend to wash off the natural oil on the skin leaving your skin unprotected.

6. Eating balanced diet, with enough fruits and vegetables at this time can not be a luxury rather a very important part of your routine. This will help keep your immunity optimised.

7. Take food supplements regularly. Vitamins and mineral are lost each month from menstrual cycle and women should learn to top up these essential minerals with food supplements.

8. Avoid using fabric conditioners and watch that the stressor is not your detergent. If so experts have said that non biological detergents are safer.

9. Avoid excessive exposure to extreme temperatures.

10. Exercise, a stroll out doors will expose your skin to some coolness that leaves you freshened.

Have you got some more tips, share it . You could be saving someone from misery.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Women4Africa 2013: Nomination begins.

Women4Africa was founded  to help reward and recognise hard working African women who by default are the carers who are never cared for.

One morning a woman woke up and decided that this is not proper. She started bringing women together to talk about this issue. Today, Tola Onigbanjo,the wise one who is a Tv personality, and radio show host co founded women4Africa.

Early this year,  a host of African women were recognised in various categories including, enterprenuership, motherhood, and all works of life recognised for their effort and contributions to making the lives of people better.

This time,  nominations for the 2013 awards and to be honest there is no excuse what so ever that will make you not to nominate that beautiful, hard working, industrious, motherly, honest woman in your life. If you don't Oh well you have yourself to blame. To nominate her simply head on to the website: follow the instructions as laid out on the site. Goodluck with your beauty.

Award winners last season.
Seriously every woman deserves to be taken care of. Women themselves should learn not to feel guity in looking after themselves. Ask for as much as you are giving. Have time for yourself, mind body and soul. Take up the challenges of going after your dream. Being a woman does not make you a no achiever. You can also nominate yourself if there's no one to nominate you. Who knows...

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Africa Fashion week London: The pictures you're dying to see.


Eldimaa Fashion

Eldimaa Fashion.

Eldimaa her self Right.

Keve Designers and Fauntee.

Keve Designer (Elodie)

Emeka, Faunteewrites boss speaks to Ella&Gabby.

Africa fashion week london 2012; the review.

Afro print peep toe shoe
by Dionne Gooding.
2 beautiful days of fashion extravaganza. Faunteewrites has dubbed it the true colour of Africa. C. Hub magazine said it's Africa through a fashion lens. What more do I have to say.
60 extra talented designers, elegant models  showcasing their skills in grand style. It was beautiful I must say. Not just patronising the organisers. I am truly proud of the team: Ronke Ademiliyu, Florence Igbokwe and all of them in the organising team.
It is not surprising though to see an excellent event organised, given the calibre of designers who came to grace the runways.

Fabulous shoes by Dionne Gooding.
 We saw the eldimaa fashion, house of marie,
Dionne Gooding,  Dyzn, Wangu jeans, Keve, Dapri jewels, Afrocessories, ethnique jewellery creations, Elle&Gabby, Jodi B, Ketocouture. All these young talented African designers who in my opinion are not emerging still. These lot are pure established names. They all brought their unique stories, inspirations, skills, above all charm to the stalls of the Africa Fashion week.
"As I spoke to these talents, I found out one thing they all had in common, they are all well read, driven, and passionately in love with waht they do. The result, exquisite, quality, perfect finish".
The big names did not disappoint either; Anita Quansah, Adebayo Jones ..., all of them brought the joy of a carefully crafted master pieces to the amazement of the audience. I could see happiness, fulfilment, sense of accomplishment on the faces of the beautiful people; the strong energetic audience. Oh! I must commend a well behaved crowd.
I personally is deeply proud to talk about the event, the organisers, the models, the designers.

Add caption
What was your experience. Leave your thoughts.

Nurse turned publisher to launch creative Magazine

C. Hub cahts with Investadvocate Boss, Peter Obiora at AFWL 2012.

“FaunteeWrites is a creative platform promoting the many talents of Black people. Helping talents to reach their audience and make a decent living.
Through its numerous publications, they bring you the latest on the achievements of these talents and how they are making the world a better place.
For upcoming talents, FaunteeWrites is the best place to begin as they tailor their resources around your needs helping you get your grip on the expansion and development of your act.
Its periodic events and competitions are a great way to challenge yourself and also showcase your talent and get the reward you deserve”.

Source: Official Website of FaunteeWrites

In this interview with PETER OBIORA Online Editor at InvestAdvocate, Faustina Anyanwu Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/Editor FaunteeWrites along with Emeka Anyanwu Director of the Publishing Company based in London United Kingdom (UK) talks on C.Hub Magazine which showcases the activities and works of Blacks talents, writers, bloggers, models, poets, songwriters etc.
Faustina and Emeka talks about the role of the magazine in promoting African talents through creativity for the benefit of the world. Excerpts:

About C-Hub Magazine
Our Magazine is C.Hub Magazine; it’s published by FaunteeWrites Limited, C.Hub is meant to help Black Talents who are creative in different areas showcase their talents and skills. The magazine looks beyond fashion and style; it digs into the mind of the curator to see the pain of hardwork, the inspiration, patience and resilience to overcome challenges. C.Hub Magazine narrates the stories of how challenges are surmounted by creative people in their quest to succeed in what they do and impact positively on the world.

Live your dream, Make a change!!!.

Meet Nkechi Okakpu: The Top Model Of Colour Season 7 Finalist

My pearl girl Nkechi Okakpu is  one of The Top Model Of Colour Season 7 Finalist due to take place later on this year. Currently works in the Finance industry but have always had an interest in Fashion.

 Nkechi Okakpu has had a fascination about Fashion, its' designers and the level of creativity and individuality involved in translating your ideas into fabric.

As a model, when she is on the runway or on a photoshoot, she believes in being a blank canvas to the designers/photographers and in the same breath allowing her personality to shine through and make the deserved statement.

Standard-SS2012banner " My personal style is a combination of trends befitting my mood at that present time or to suit the environment I'm in. I have always had an avid interest in Fashion and modelling and what best way to marry both of my passions by being a fashion model", she says.

Nkechi, fondly called Nikki by pals has featured in the following: Fashions Finest Renaissance fashion show, Mahogany Bridal fashion show 2012, Afro Hair & Beauty Live Show with AfroChic Catwalk, DAC Beachcroft,The John Utaka Foundation charity, Adebayo Jones, Kosibah collection label, Hats designer Lyze etc. When asked, she answers
Vendula London

,"I try to be attentive to what is happening around me and then form my own interpretation of it. Let my personality shine through my originality and modern day combination of fabric and colours. I love being open minded when it comes to fashion experimentation".

 Her Measurements areHeight: 5ft 10 (with out heels)
Waist: 26ins
Bust 34b
Hips: 36ins
UK dress size 8
UK shoe size 7

You can connect with Nkechi on twitter @NikkieNkis